Accept Credit Cards and Alternative Payments Today:

Risk Management

Data Security

    Our online payment gateway features ensure that it is a secure and reliable environment for your online credit card processing:

    • All data streams managed and directed in real-time
    • All transaction data validated and authenticated prior to forwarding to the acquirer
    • 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data encryption key
    • Risk check module to catch, combat and block fraudulent transactions
    • Extensive negative database continually updated
    • Fire-walled and encrypted database
    • Complete back office accounting module
    • Regularly audited by external experts to ensure gateway security
    • Geographical IP address location check
    • Issuing bank BIN number country match
    • Real-time Address Verification Check (AVS)
The transaction cycle
    While the data is being collected from your customer by our online transaction processing system, every individual field of data is assessed – not only the card details but all other relevant personal data as well.

    This data is then checked against rule parameters and external databases to determine its likelihood of being fraudulent. Over 50 individual checks are undertaken against each transaction during the transaction processing.

    A score between 0-100 (the higher the number, the more risky the online transaction) is assigned and this is returned to you.

    These checks take place as part of the normal transaction  flow and add less than a second to the processing time on our system. Our risk management system manages peaks in traffic automatically, without compromising the stability of the online transaction processing system

Anti Fraud Measures
    When you accept large volumes of payments or operate in a higher risk sector, the impact of fraud becomes more acute. Our fraud screening helps you by reducing the need for manual reviews, minimizing bad sales that invole you in chargeback procedures and improving your bottom line.

    Some of the tools we use:

    • Transactions’ pre-authorization and settlement cycles
    • 3-D Secure — Authentication of the online shopper is requested and the authentication result is automatically returned to our platform in real-time. Our platform is flexible and will recognize if the shopper is not registered with the 3-D secure scheme
    • Shifted liability — Thanks to the 3-D scheme, merchants can be protected from chargeback if their customers claim denial for processing the transaction.
    • Verification against blacklist
    • Collaboration with our partners to ensure our merchants obtain benefits from world’s largest databases

Risk Management

All of the payment services we match you with come with built-in fraud screening and security. Risk management service offers extra fraud protection for higher volume and higher risk businesses.

Highly specialized risk analysts implement the best practices and chargeback prevention techniques which enables them to successfully support our merchants’ online activities.

Risk management and fraud protection consultation and education on fraud control techniques and in-depth analysis of business model improvements can result in lower chargeback and higher profits for our customers.

Risk management involves the following practices:

  • Prevention by constant website monitoring, business model approval and compliance control
  • Pre-authorization and settlement control
  • Transaction and Original Credit Transaction (OCT) monitoring
  • Void, decline and error monitoring
  • Credit risk monitoring and control
  • Credit card fraud prevention
  • Chargeback management
  • Flexibility in employing the right tools to protect each business
  • Merchant education on risk management and fraud scrubbing
  • Risk assessment of merchants and websites
  • Risk assessment of transaction activity for suspicious transactions or behaviour
  • Advice and consulting on risk management
  • Business category-specific tools and techniques