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The World ofCredit Cards

Credit Cards are the most important means of payment in the world wide web. While alternative payments are highly successful in Europe, the rest of the world relies on VISA and MasterCard.

With over 100 billion transactions and trillions of money processed each year, VISA and MasterCard are a must for every website.


While the majority of credit card users reside in the United States, even Europe has issued 460 million VISA credit cards alone in 2012 that were responsible for over €1.8 trillion purchases and cash withdrawals.


We will match you with the best and most secure credit card systems for the world wide web, to the absolute lowest fees.

Service Guarantee

Every credit card system we match you with will be absolutely secure, 100% PCI compliant and obey to any laws and security requirements required - We have the absolute lowest fees for credit cards.


As a payment service provider we offer our vendors a simplified PCI DSS certification so that credit card payment can be offered not only by large online shops, but also by medium-sized or smaller merchants.

Credit Card Payments

Payment by credit card online is a popular payment type worldwide. It is fast, convenient and secure. Due to the wide circulation and common usage it represents a trustworthy payment method to customers. With any of our processing and gateway partners, your credit card payments are processed according to the PCI security standard optionally either with or without 3D secure process.

Credit Cards:
Credit & US Debit Cards

You will cover roughly 99% of the United States market as well as 40% of the european market with credit cards. In the USA every debit card and bank issued card will bear either a VISA or MC logo and as such benefit from the credit card network. In order to fully benefit from the european market we suggest to also add additional alternative payment methods.

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American Express
Diners Club International


Visa Electron
Visa Debit UK
Maestro Debit UK